Cameron Arnold Keith
Photographer & Visual Artist, Calgary, Alberta
2009 Biography

About Photography:
There are many different types of photography and photographers in Calgary. To this point it can be a overwhelming task to select the right person to provide the service and photographs you need and deserve. Whether it is a corporate or street event, a bike road race or that very special day - your wedding.

Hi my name is Cameron Keith welcome to my blog. Thank-you for stopping in to see the work I do with visual arts and photography.

When it comes to selecting a photographer people often look directly at the price list without giving a thought about meeting with the photographer. I believe it is very important to meet and talk with the photographer, to see their portfolio and most importantly to ensure you get along with the person. When you hire a photographer you are entrusting them with capturing that special event and to tell your story using images.

Today's camera equipment is very powerful and very expensive. Personally I think it takes a lot more than having the latest and most expensive equipment to produce great photos. Composition, balance, and the art of telling the story are some of the most important elements that should be in each shot.

I am a visual artist that has been creating artwork from a very early age. Now as an emerging professional photographer I use all what I have learned from my past and apply this knowledge to my photojournalism today. You benefit by getting a rich collection of photograph that not only are blight and full of color but ones that collectively tell your story. Whether that story is a corporate event, a birthday party or that very special day, your wedding.

When I'm not outdoors photographing people or places, you can find me engaged in one of my other passions, long distance walking, bicycling, running or back at home cooking in the kitchen.

Born in Kipling Saskatchewan, I have been always close to adventure. That love of adventure took me to Quebec, northern Alberta and Atlantic Canada. It was the beauty of the Rockies that brought me back to the mountains and my home, Calgary.

I am available for assignment anywhere in Canada. To book your free complimentary consultation or ask me a few questions, please contact me at:

About Art:
Cameron Keith was born in Kipling Saskatchewan in 1952. His primary media is oil paint on canvas with sketching with pen and ink a passionate second. Cameron's natural talent quickly became noteworthy during the ‘60s with local exhibits of his work, offering drawing classes. Also during this time Cameron was painting church ceilings and plaques for local churches. His Christian symbolic art is displayed in the Lutheran Church Museum in Kipling. The Chancel ceiling work was illustrated in a photography exhibit in the *McKenzie gallery in Regina. Cameron took the Art Instruction Schools course and attended art classes at International Peace Gardens during the 60s as well.

Cameron moved to Lethbridge Alberta in the early 70s to obtain a Drafting diploma at Lethbridge Community College. While attending LCC he continued painting and exhibited his work in group shows. After attaining his Drafting diploma in '79 he moved his family to Calgary, to forward his drafting career. During this time he received a grant from Alberta Culture to paint and sketch the Kananaskis Mountains in the Rockies West of Calgary. Cameron hiking and sketched on weekends and painted during the week all while maintaining his drafting career. At the end of the first year of hiking and sketching, Cameron gathered enough material to put together an exhibit of his work at the **Muttart Gallery in Calgary. During this time Cameron was instrumental in forming a group of artists at St. David's United Church that displayed their work on a regular base, started a small art supply outlet and offered classes to the general public.

From mid-summer 2005 to the Spring of 2009 Cameron Lived in Nova Scotia. After renovating his home Cameron setup a Gallery/Studio so that his painting could continue. His paintings took on a new direction.. One of realistic fusion with vibrant colors. Using contrasting pairs of dark/light, course/subtle, details and abstractions to depict life, tolerance and energy of today's life experiences.

Although Cameron’s home was in a tiny fishing village, he also taught drawing at evening classes in Shelburne at Shelburne Community High School. He also has exhibited his work at Lockport Crescent Beach Center in 2007 and at the Shelburne public Library in 2008.

Cameron moved back to Calgary in the spring of 2009.

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