The Five Year Plan

After months of deliberation I have chosen to start on a path that millions of people before me have taken. I have made a commitment to the Basic Program that fpmt offers. I am very excited about taking this course in Buddhist studies. I just hope that I feel the same or even more elated in five years (or so) when I come to the end of the course.

Anger is yours and you can control it to live a happier life. I've found this statement to be true and with a lot of personal work anyone can become a happier person with less anger in his or her life. As Martha would say "... and that's a good thing".

It's my intent to share a few thoughts here as I travel 'on the seas to the other side' (to enlightenment). It will be more of a journal then anything and you are welcome to read and comment as you see fit on my journey. Because our minds continue on after our body's death I wonder if by chance I will read this in some future life. What are the chances, I think very rare!

I am a student member of the Kurukulla Center and a participant of the Home Study -Basic Program of the fpmt (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) Gelug Buddhism. It is said that there is no such thing as Buddhism only Buddhists. Strange maybe until you start reading and understanding what it is all about.

By the way, I put new art up online all the time at Keith Studios.

'til next time
Om mani padme hum

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