What up with the eyes

There’s been a few asking about the blindness.

For the past 15 years approximately, I have had to deal with recurring bouts of Iritis, arthritic of the iris [detail link]. After the first bout and the following 4 or 5 year it happened yearly and would last approx. 10 - 16 weeks. During that time I was working as a Piping Layout Designer, in the Petroleum Industry. Ten or twelve hours per day on a CAD computer with a sick eye was not cool!
The eye, dilated and getting drops applied every 15 minutes for the first two weeks and then reduced to 4 times a day. In fact I was in the middle of a bout when my Ophthalmologist found Glaucoma in the infected eye. Weird enough, it was the Iritis that brought the Glaucoma to his attention during one of my biweekly check-ups. Six month after getting Glaucoma in the left eye the right followed suit. This was not good news to hear and probably the last straw for my wife and me, we freaked out.
Besides the Glaucoma and Iritis, I now contracted a retinal membrane in the left eye that causes Pre-macular Fibrosis. The membrane can be removed surgically but the odds are not good on recovery. There isn't a good chance that the operation will yield favorable results. And there is a one in four chance of further injury to the eye. Think about it this was; the next time you go flying. How would you feel if every fourth pilot got a 51% on the final exam and every fourth plan lands in the ocean? You see my point.
Painting and drawing with decreasing vision is a challenge. However, the poor vision has made me better by forced me to focus on the art’s nature, its essence and not the details. The other thought is my art will show the progression further to blindness. The blindness may also show a natural progression towards the abstractness of subject matter as well. Time will tell.

Well there it is. I'm not going to talk about the other negative stuff associated with all this. Good you say, I think so too.

UPDATE: Nov 08
The Doctor tells me that there is a hole in the macula of the left eye now.

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