Get out of bed lazy bones!

Well here I go! Head spinning, arms flapping and both feet stuck in samara. Boy-oh-boy this is going to be a lot of work! While rifling through all the CDs, DVDs, and MP3 files that are included in the two modules I get a sense of just how much work this is going to be. My current plan of attack is to mirror Tathagata Essence (that I take with Geshe-la in Boston) and start 'Stages on the Path to Enlightenment' from home study Basic Program from fpmt. The course coordinator thinks it should be fine to do it this way. It will give me a good foundation on the material, how it is presented and studied.

Get your butt out of bed lazy bones! This is the toughest part I think. Getting up at approximately 5:30 without the need to put more firewood in the stove is tough. However, in order to get what I need done on a daily basis this will have to be the plan. I think winter will help with this, you know, when it gets cold.

While reading Geshe Jampa Gyatso's commentary on the Middle Lam-Rim I come to this;
We will go ahead with the explanation of this text like a turtle not like a rabbit.

Immediately my mind thinks, 'Like a rabbit with ADHD'. Stopping the mind from wandering aimlessly without restraint, boy! I've done lots of meditation before but for some reason doing the Lam-Rim meditation starts the mind going uncontrollably. I'm sure it will settle down I just hope it is sooner then later. Today, I can't get through about 15 minutes of the Guru Devotion meditation and then I must stop. I'm fine with this, I know the time will increase as I go along.

Hearing Robina do the morning prayers is very soothing. I've listened to many of her dharma talks. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 35. With each one being approx. 60 minutes long I think a familiar voice in deed.

Will life scoots buy! I have reading to get done and as a bonus, dishes in the sink.

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