30 Second Stranger #3

I started a new project on April 5 2011. The objective of the project is to photograph portraits of strangers I meet on the street. Asking a people on the street if they would allow me to take a portrait, just the way they are at that moment. Mostly of the time the whole process takes less then 30 seconds. The toughest part, for me, is getting engaged at the start of the process. Simply going upto a stranger and asking to take their photograph is daunting, at lest for me. If I can find away to come at the question from the side I find it much easier. With this image (No. 3) that questions came easier because I was photographing her boyfriends custom build bicycle. If you can find an approach like that it becomes easier to ask for a person's photograph. I also think this will come easier as time goes on.

This is the third image in that series.
30s Stranger - Calgary
f5.66 - ISO400 - 1/320 - No Flash

For flickr: [LINK] or click the image.

For more information on the 30 Second Stranger project check out the bottom of this POST

Thanks for looking.

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