Clark's Nutcracker

This little guy and his buddy shared my couscous and Trail-mix at the base of Bow Glacier February 20. It was my third day of my winter camping/photography trip into Jasper National Park. The weather was perfect for all three days. The daytime had clear skies and was around -8C, while the nights where around -20C.

These birds hang around for a free meal and are almost tame. When I got my spoon out to eat he thought I was offering a treat and flew in to grab it from my hand. I wasn't giving it up for nothing, I was hungry, although I did share lots of peanuts with the both of them. An even trade as they posed for peanuts. I tried for some shots of them taking food from my fingers but they were so fast I couldn't get the camera focus before they had the treat and gone. Something I will have to practice for next time.

UPDATE: February 26, 2010
This image was nominated 3 times this week for the cover of National Geographic - woot !! and a BIG thank-you.

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