Street Music - Feast for the Ears

Today I went downtown to shoot the couriers and their bike. Not sure what it is about the bicycle but there is a defiant passion for them. One my way out of downtown I caught these two incredible musicians playing some jazz fusion stuff that was unbelievable. Hats off to street music.

You can see the set I did of these two on my Flickr account. If you see these two downtown tell them you saw them online (here) for me.


Rory Dolinski said...

Hey Keith...
Great pics brotha!!!
Thank you for your gracious comments, it's always awesome when artists of all walks of life can support and inspire each other...thank you again!!!

Vi An said...

Hey Keith!

Vi An here, from the picture performing on the zheng instrument. Great photo thank you so much for coming out and enjoying the music, the great weather and for taking these great pics. Great web site, keep up the excellent work and all the best. See you around Calgary.
Be well,
Vi An

keithstudios said...

Thanks guys for the comments, much appreciated. If you would send me a 2 to 3 minute mp3 file of your music I would like to make a slide-show with the music embedded.