Wedding Photojournalism

So this past weekend I hi-jacked a static photographers wedding project. With all do respect to the photographer, it was my intent to capture the event from a different perspective and share it with the bride, groom and their party guests. It was great fun! I told the Bride that if she gave me a good testimonial I would give her a copy of the photos. Are you kidding me, that's over 800.00 worth of photography for a letter? Tell me what do you think.

"You have frozen one of the most important days of our life forever in time with your stunning photos. Your timely presence gave us back those perfect moments we ourselves missed. We can not thank you enough for that simple but remarkable gift we will treasure them everlastingly". - Tanya and William A.

Thanks guys for your kind words. Want to get in touch with me for your wedding? Contact me at

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