Update to health care – in Canada

I must say that my experience in Alberta has been great and totally different then that experience in Nova Scotia.

The first thing I need to do was to get an appointment with my Ophthalmologist here in Calgary. Iritis is nothing to fool with. During the regular examination he mentioned that he had two surgeons that were doing great work and that he wanted them to have a look at me. Appointments where set up to have two different types of visual tests on my eyes. Painlessly I went through these without a hitch and as a result now have an appointment with one of the surgeon in July. I don’t know about you but the thought of having vision restored sound great to me.

Because of the dryness in Calgary versus the shores of the Atlantic Ocean (Nova Scotia) I’ve had the misfortune of a sinus blowout (nose bleeds that don’t want to stop). The second time it happened was the day after the first. I simply couldn’t get the bleed to slow down so we made our way to Foothills Emergency. Although it took 6 hours to get in (I wasn’t dying) I was taken care to the best of everyone ability. Oh, and for that nagging question ask in Nova Scotia, it was simply asked “do you want to state your religion” and that was it. Very professional I must say. So, 48 hours after the doctor packed my nose I had to return to get it out. Ouch! All seems to be fine now as I’m keeping the nose moist as possible.

I have appointments with an E.N.T. guy, a colonoscopy guy, a retinal surgeon all within 2 months, not bad, let get this show on the road!

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