Photojournalism and Flickr

I've added several photojournalist projects on Flickr. Each project whether it's my passion for the bicycle, the Rocky Mountains or people have hundreds of images in each set and collection. Todate, there is over 5000 images posted. Many of you have probable come from that account to participate in making a donation to help support that account and for making it available to you. As a rule-of-thumb, a donation of $10.00 is very reasonable and greatly appreciated.

Please note:
Currently (Aug 09) I sell a digital image that is posted on Flickr for $10.00 each. If you want to buy an image that you have seen on Flickr just email me and include the name and the set you found it in, including the link to the image is very helpful. After I receive your payment I will email you the files.

I retain all copyrights to all images. If I will sell you an image file, you are entitled to make personal copies only. You may not sell or market them in anyway by any means. If you want an image file without watermarks there is an additional $20.00 charge of per image.

I am available for photography assignments across Canada, please email me for details.

Thank-you sincerely
Cameron Keith

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