Cokin Filters

I have been wanting to play around with some filters for awhile now. I managed to pick these filters and holder up the other day. There is a 3 stop ND soft and a P027 warming filter. There are a couple of lens rings and holder show as well.
The Cokin brand is made in France for the last 40 years. This set is the P series, and has allowed me my experiment. Cokin also have a Z-pro (100mm 4") and X-pro (medium and large format) series as well. The P-series is available for lens upto 84mm wide. However, I have found that there is vignetting with my 77mm wide angle lens. With the addition of a single filter holder for the 77mm lens to compensate for that vignetting, this set should work just fine.

A comparable system (4x6 filters) in the Lee Filters line would have cost me very close to $600 for the same setup. I paid $150 for this kit and the additional holder will be about $45.

I think they will really help with some of the mountain-scape I will be shooting this year in the Canadian Rockies.

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