Nature Photography Tours - 2010

Nature Photography Tours - Jasper National Park - Twice monthly.

Join Canadian photographer Cameron Keith this summer on a photo-tours in Jasper National Park. They are staged out of Sunwapta Falls Resort. These weekday tours are very accessible for amateur to professional and cram as much of Jasper National Park as one can handle into a day tour.

[lower Sunwapta Falls]

In summary these nature photography tours take in various locations within Jasper National Park. Any media (digital or film) or format are acceptable, and you should be reasonably familiar with your equipment.

The daily destinations are agreed between the organizer and participants on the day of the tour to take into account local weather, subject, lighting or trail conditions.

The summer photography tours in the park start early – 6:30am (orientation) and are very involved with the tour running until 5:00pm in the evening. Some of the tours will continue into dusk to capture the beautiful evening light (weather permitting). The tours are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of June, July and August. A full 10 hours of shooting the Canadian Rockies at various vistas within the park. The participant should expect to spend maximum time in the field. A light lunch is provided, however each person is responsible for their own comfort. It is recommended that participants pack extra trail food and drinks for their comfort.

Jasper National Park provides a fantastic variety of options for landscape photographers: lush forests, crystal clear lakes, beautiful mountains and their trails and animals. Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning 10,878 km² (4200 mi²). Wildlife in the park includes elk, caribou, moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, black bear, beaver, Rocky Mountain pika, hoary marmot, gray wolf, mountain lion, and wolverine, Cameron sees Jasper as the crowning jewel of the Canadian Rockies.

Our day tours start at 0630h with a brief orientation (this is bear country). After orientation we spend the day shooting at various locations throughout the park. Knowledgeable and experienced professional photographer Cameron Keith will be available to answer questions, offer guidance and advice, and help with equipment. In the evenings Cameron will be available to help with post-processing the images at Sunwapta Falls Resort for those interested.

You are reminded while on any photography tour to “Take the picture and leave nothing”. The organizers re-enforce the notion of “Leave No Trace”, so expect to haul all personal garbage back out.

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Jasper Photography Tour Details

Where: Jasper National Park
Staging Area: Sunwapta Fall Resort, 53km (30 miles) south of Jasper town-site

When: The 1st and 3rd Thursday of June, July, August 2010 NOTE: July 8th & 22nd.
Time: 0630h – 1700h

Who: Anyone with a camera and passion to photograph the Canadian Rockies
Group size: Max 7 or 8

Registration: 185.00 per person (Cnd. Tax in)
Includes: Light lunch, hosted by

Excludes: Lodging, transportation. See coupon offer below.

Cancellation Policy
100% refund on cancellations 4 days in advance of event. A 50% refund on cancellation 2 days or less in advance of the photo-tour.

Weather blow-outs are rescheduled for the following day, as weather permits. Prior scheduled photo-sessions and/or engagements booked with Cameron Keith takes precedence over any re-scheduled blow-out date. If there is another tour group the next day, both groups will be combined to make a larger group. In the unlikely event a photo-tour most cancel a blow-out date do to booking conflicts 100% of the registration fee will be refunded to the participant.

Lodging: Sunwapta Falls Resort
All summer photo-tours do not include lodging, transportation or meals. However, the summer photo-tours do include a light lunch, please check tour details.

Coupon discount: Present or mention this coupon number while registering and receive a 10% discount off registration fees. Coupon number: #CK3B0A0

To Register:
* Register now by calling the Sunwapta Falls Resort: 1.800.828.5777 or

Sunwapta Falls Resort:
Toll Free: 1.888. 828.5777
Phone: 780.852.4852

Thank-you and hope to see you there!!
Cameron Keith

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