BK Memorial Cyclocross

Speed Theory (a high performance cycling team) presented the Brian Kullman Memorial Cyclocross Race at Montgomery Jr. High School this past Sunday November 8 ’09. The event featured the Alberta Cyclocross Provincial Championships.

Cyclocross is a combination of cross-country running, mountain biking, hurdles, and road cycling. Usually the race course is between 2.5 and 3.5 km in length along a predetermined course of sharp hills, mud or sand pits, long straights and steep stairs. Pretty much anything else you can think of that you can though at the rider to test their technical abilities and stamina is valid. The circuit is lapped a number of times within an hour.

Cyclocross has a huge following in Europe. There are crowds of tens of thousands following many race venues each year. Here in Canada its popularity is growing tremendously and Alberta has sent many riders to National and World Championships.

During Sunday’s warm-up, you could see the camaraderie between riders. Everyone was serious about warming up for the race but you could see all had time to talk to their fellow team mates and racers. There were also a number of amateur photographers there shooting the event.

This event was Alberta Bicycling Association’s Cyclocross Provincial Championships and the last race of the year. Keep an eye out next year for Cyclocross races, as I’m sure you like the action packed events that are fit for the whole family.

You can find the complete set of photographs on my Flickr [photostream]

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