I can't believe it

I can't believe this weather. The first year we lived in this house (south shore Nova Scotia) by mid December we had already burnt 3 cords of wood. The price then was 150.00/cord. Through the process of remodeling and general maintenance we have managed to reduce our wood consumption down to 3/4 of a cord to date for this year. Simply incredible

It has been warm, to day for instance we will be at +4c. The day before yesterday it was cold -10c and windy. I did have to use a lot of wood that day so there can still be additional work done on the house. That work will have to wait.

Talking about the weather on a art blog? What can I say I'm Canadian, we love to talk about the weather.

The last two months I've managed to create a lot of work. I am in the process of migrating most of my work from keithstudios.com to here. It just make more sense. It is less work and more efficient to develop this blog as a point of sale and gallery for my art.

Art is how I make my money to by wood to heat my home. Support comes from people like you when you purchasing a piece of art. By a piece of art this year from an art you like.

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