The day after the eye exam

I don’t usually like talking about the negative but this is a must to get off my chest.

A couple of months ago we received an ad in the mail that sounded just what we needed. It read:
Eye Exams in 15 minutes
Glasses in 2 hours

Couldn’t get any better. All we needed was a good reason to go into Yarmouth, a 95km / 1 hr drive. Well yesterday was it, Ann was off work so we got in the truck and off we went. December 12 ’08 was a rather strange day. The temperature was +14c rain with wind gusts to 100 km per hr. Not a great day for travel but hay we were on a mission, we were getting new glasses.

We arrived in town as expected about an hour later and headed right down town so that we could use the wait time as shopping time. So on our way we stop in to Mr. Clown for a McBreakfest something or other. After wolfing that down we were on our way again.

There it is, across the street from the running shore place. Those people loved my innocence painting. We let them hang it for a month. But I digress.

So there we are, walking in to the Optometrist’s office, nice clean, no one waiting the place was empty except for the young man in his brilliant light lab coat.

- My I help you, says the man behind the counter?
- Ann starts, yes we are looking for new glasses.
- Well come in, would you like help with your selection?
- Oh oh, something is askew I’m thinking, we would also like to get are eye tested first.
- As he slides across that floor on his chair, January is where we are booking now.
- Can we get tested today?
- I don’t test people like that, you need an appointment, was his reply.

Ann and I look at each other; rolled our eyes back into our head and headed for the door. I turned around before leaving and put his glossy little ad on the desk and said thank-you. We walk out. The man watched maybe 500.00 walk out his office without a word. ‘Bait and Switch’, both Ann and I hate that type of thing.

So here we are today, old prescriptions and tired eyes. I know there is nothing that can be done for blindness, but there must be some help to balance the eyes so that I can read easier. We are currently looking to another Optometrist.

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